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How it Works

How to choose?

To select the rotator best suited to your needs, please consider this:

Applications: different types of rotators are designed to accommodate different machine types and attachments- look for a unit capable of meeting the demands of your specific tools.
Load capacities: there are two lifting capacities, STATIC and DYNAMIC.
Static –the weight a rotator can lift .
Dynamic – the weight a rotator can lift and rotate.

Bearings: The rotator models with double bearings are designed to withstand both downward and upward forces. Those are used in especially challenging working conditions where extreme forces are applied to the rotator.

CPR and GIR rotator selection based on excavator weight:
Rotator model: rigid mounted connected via link
CPR5; CPR5-01 6t 10t
CPR8; CPR8-01; CPR9; CPR9-01 10.5t 16t
CPR14; CPR14-01; CPR15; CPR15-01 21t 29t
GIR12-00; GIR12-01
- 14t
- 18t

Baltrotors Links

Common usage

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GR46 advanced performance

Baltrotors motor types

New KIT products

The forwarder swing damper kit – the patented link DLG30 and rotator GR12H or GR16H

The unique design of the link and braking system creates interest about system’s potential and innovations of the used technical solutions. The experts, who tried out the link in real working conditions, acknowledge that the robust body and solid brake disks endorse fidelity in not only visually, but also prove the durability of the equipment in practice. Users appreciate the innovative solutions of the kit as well as traditional components, such as, link’s bushing.

The nominal braking power is provided by two high- endurance brake disc pairs that consist of special friction disc and reliable steel counter disc. The tensioner between the discs enables the possibility to adjust the breaking torque.

The tensioner with special compression springs is pressing friction and counter discs right in the braking zone, what makes smooth the wear of the brake discs, gives extra durability, prolongs the time of exploitation and increases the working efficiency.

Breaking system is protected from the penetration of grease on braking discs during the daily technical maintenance. Practice showed that even in the cases of hose rupture the oil does not influence the operation of braking system.

Forwarder link’s DLG30 maximal load is 16 tons; the nominal braking torque is 600 Nm, while the maximal (can be set/adjusted to) – 700 Nm.

The links are compatible with GR type rotators - GR12H (12t/2900Nm) or GR16H (16t/3400Nm).