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How it Works

How to choose?

To select the rotator best suited to your needs, please consider this:

Applications: different types of rotators are designed to accommodate different machine types and attachments- look for a unit capable of meeting the demands of your specific tools.
Load capacities: there are two lifting capacities, STATIC and DYNAMIC.
Static –the weight a rotator can lift .
Dynamic – the weight a rotator can lift and rotate.

Bearings: The rotator models with double bearings are designed to withstand both downward and upward forces. Those are used in especially challenging working conditions where extreme forces are applied to the rotator.

CPR and GIR rotator selection based on excavator weight:
Rotator model: rigid mounted connected via link
CPR5; CPR5-01 6t 10t
CPR8; CPR8-01; CPR9; CPR9-01 10.5t 16t
CPR14; CPR14-01; CPR15; CPR15-01 21t 29t
GIR12-00; GIR12-01
- 14t
- 18t

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Common usage

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GR46 advanced performance

Baltrotors motor types

Max. axial load: ±140kN
Max. radial load: 100kN
Moment of deflection: 40kNm
Torque at 25MPa: 4500Nm
Rated displacement: 1222cm3/rev.
Rotation speed: 25rpm
Oil duct area for grapple: 260mm2
Rotator weight: 160kg
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In the real working conditions the forces that influence the rotator are difficult to calculate due to the factors that are unrelated to equipment technical characteristics e.g. carried operation specifics, working style etc.

Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of damaging the rotator, we recomend using this table as guidance in choosing the right Baltrotors rotator model for you.